New in car entertainment device

As you know, no industry nowadays can afford to stand still and the car industry is no different. In car entertainment is not new, but it can still be innovated. This is proven once more by Gekke Gokkasten B.V., a Dutch gambling company that takes its own slogan, speel de nieuwste gratis gokkasten, very seriously. The name means crazy slot machines and the slogan means as much as play the newest free slot machines. You can probably already guess that this new device is gambling-related and has something to do with online casinos.

Riding in the back has just gotten an upgrade

The passenger’s seat used to be the best seat in the car, but those days are long gone. It has been a while now since the best entertainment is only installed for the passengers who ride in the back seats and Gekke Gokkasten B.V. is not looking to change that. The company has developed some special, tablet like, devices called FreeSlotPad that offer passengers a chance to play the newest gratis gokkasten for free. You do need to update the device every now and then to get access to the latest casino slots, but you will then always be at the top of the game. Also, if you feel like you have practiced enough, you can also get advice on casinos to start playing at for real money. As Gekke Gokkasten B.V. only works with the best casinos that you can find online, it’s a great company to tell you who to trust.

Not limits on FreeSlotPad

With a product this great it’s only natural that Gekke Gokkasten B.V. wants to branch out on the long run. For now, the slot machines on the FreeSlotPad will only be released on passenger vehicles and buses. This is mainly because the device needs to be tested. Also passenger safety needs to be tested as well. But if all goes well, the slot machine developer will expand this new product into other similar markets, so you will be able to play the newest slot machines on every one of your trips.

About the company

Gekke Gokkasten B.V. was established in Leeuwarden in 2017. It got its peculiar name from one of the owners who wanted to create only crazy slot machines with characters like the Tasmanian Devil. The first few slot machines featured these types of figures and weren’t too successful. That’s why the other owners decided to take another road and started creating slot machines with more common themes. This took Gekke Gokkasten B.V. to the top and right now, it holds a top 3 position when it comes to Dutch online slot machine providers.

Most popular slot machines

Gekke Gokkasten B.V. has created 25 slot machines so far and two of those can be seen as classics. Slot machines that will be successful for a long time to come as players just cannot seem to get enough of them. The first one is called Collision and is about two characters that get into a car accident. The player can pick which of the drivers he wants to be and hope to end up with the least damage. Drama is the name of the second most popular slot machine about a drama club trying to rehearse for a play.